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TM33 - Lava blower
TM33 - Lava blower, is an environmentally friendly low-pressure blower system, which is designed to blow cleaners with a very small material...
kr17,999.00 Price
Flat nozzle (TM33)
loading nozzle 40x5 for LAVA blowing with or without CO2. Powder mixed with CO2 increases the cleaning rate. Withstands up to -78 gr. And mix...
kr7,996.00 Price
Runddyse Ø15 (TM33)
Round nozzle Ø15 X 45X1.5 must be connected to tm33 adapter. used to mix CO2 and LAVA. With it, a CO2 mix is made with LAVA
kr2,959.20 Price