Injektor uden dyse. passer til TM33
    • Injektor uden dyse. passer til TM33
    • Injektor uden dyse. passer til TM33

    Injektor uden dyse. passer til TM33


    CryoPOWER TM33 from CryoCIP is used to gently blow-wash a surface. With this special equipment, it is possible to mix CO2 with an additive blowing agent.



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    CryoPOWER ™ TM 33 blower systems are equipped with pneumatic remote control. CryoPOWER ™. TM33 is designed to run single (low pressure blowing only) or double (CO2 Dry Ice with powder mix).

    Depending on whether the system is to run single or double machines, the setup for this will be very different. The actual use and instructions for whether to drive single or double can be seen in the various

    diagrams for installing the various setups. CryoPOWER TM, TM33 can be built together for all types of CO2 dry ice blowing machines. The only difference will be the adapter that fits between the CO2 dryer and our CryoPOWER ™ TM33

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